cover image of Imperialism and Colonialism Imperialism and Colonialism

(with Christopher Bayly and Richard Drayton)

Radha Beteille ed. Routledge, Oxford

ISBN 978-1032228112



cover image for 'História de África' História de África

(with John Parker)

Quimera Editores

ISBN 978-9725892527



cover image for 'A very short introduction to African history Geschichte Afrikas

(with John Parker; translated by Jessica Burkhardt)


ISBN 9-78-3-86647-401-7



cover image for 'A very short introduction to African historyA very short introduction to African history

(with John Parker)

Oxford University Press, Oxford

ISBN 978-0-19-280248-4


‘You will finish this book better informed, with a better understanding of Africa and a clearer idea of the big questions now being raised in a period of post-colonial struggle and national liberation…’
Robert Giddings, Tribune.

Also published as an audiobook in 2009 by Audible Inc. and narrated by Dion Graham


cover image for Nkrumah and the ChiefsNkrumah and the Chiefs; the politics of chieftaincy in Ghana, 1951-60

Ohio University Press and James Currey, Oxford

ISBN 0-85255-770 and 1/0-85255-771-X

xv 176pp

‘…a story of power politics told with remarkable economy and considerable elegance.’
Paul Nugent, Journal of African history.
‘…a remarkably fair and objective study …represents an important contribution to an understanding of recent African history.’
Guy Arnold, West Africa.
‘…it captures to a remarkable degree the tragedy and confusion of Ghana’s transition from bold pioneer of anti-colonial modernism…to postmodern epitome of post-colonial despair…’.
John Dunn, Times literary supplement.


cover image for Africa's Urban PastAfrica’s urban past

(edited with David Anderson)

James Currey, Oxford

ISBN 0-85255-761 and 2/0-85255-760-4



cover image for Murder and Politics in colonial GhanaMurder and politics in colonial Ghana

Yale University Press, New Haven and London

ISBN 0300055048

xiv 209pp

‘It is impossible to do justice to Rathbone’s outstanding book in three pages…’
Emmanuel Akyeampong. International journal of African historical studies.
‘The unravelling of the plot was made possible by Rathbone’s convincing command not only of oral research…but also by his ability to consult the royal archives and his skill in understanding the transcripts of the colonial trial and its numerous ramifications…’
David Birmingham, History Today.
‘…allows the reader to enter into the past in a way which history written on a grander scale sometimes does not …restrained, scholarly and often almost elegiac in tone.’
Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph.
‘This admirable book raises some of the essential questions that need to be asked about the reasons for the general and often acute failure of 20th century politics in Africa…’
Basil Davidson, The Guardian.


Ghana. British Documents on the End of Empire

HMSO, London. 2 vols

Volume 1: ISBN 0112905250, Volume 2: ISBN 0112905269


‘… has the pace and tension of an historical thriller. It tells the story of a genuine watershed in British imperial history…’
Richard Crook, Journal of Commonwealth & comparative politics.


Contemporary West African States

(edited with Donal Cruise O'Brien and John Dunn)

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

ISBN 0521368936



cover image for Africa and the Second World WarAfrica and the Second World War

(edited with David Killingray)

Macmillan, London

ISBN 0333382587



Industrialisation and social change in South Africa. African class formation, culture and consciousness 1870-1930

(edited with Shula Marks)

Longman, London

ISBN 0582643376


Power and politics in contemporary Africa

Sussex Publications, Brighton

ISBN 1860131794

4 audio cassettes.


The population factor in African studies

(edited with Rowland Moss)

Athlone Press, London



Government publications relating to the Gold Coast; the Blue Books, Government Gazettes and Annual Reports


EP Microform. New York

147 microform reels